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It’s Your House, Let’s Make It A Home

Welcome to GetaGetten; “Art” in any form expresses a unique thought revealing the spirit of a visionary, who willfully shares his or her creation with love. “Art” is a universal social language that everyone can relate to and feel, each artistic form exhibits an identifiable uniqueness.


“The Art of, The Arts” consist of artistic forms such as music, artistic mediums, Architect and fashion; each form is entwined. The creative form of music when drawn from its true source of self, provides us with all elements producing emotional, motivational thought.

Recognition of music as lyrical, visual art has taking hold, an amazing phenomenal rebirth of music is gracefully emerging with its point of inspiration being directed by the originality of Hip Hop. This phenomenal aspect of rebirth, centers on the integration of all genres. The metaphorical concept of Rap music has effortlessly become interwoven in rage, rock and pop culture, which is igniting a spark of explosive, electrifying sounds.

Artist are tapping into the lyrical movement of the paint brush and spray can, presenting the world with mind expanding works of art. This is the most wonderful time to become involved or simply be a witness of, evolution.

Everyone pursuing a dream, striving to reach the next level or considering the possibilities, think of this as your support, your encouragement to never give up Welcome toThe House. Share your “Artistic uniqueness.”

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1 thought on “About GetaGetten”

  1. Doug White said:

    nice article but forgot photography.


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