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In “2013” GetaGetten Publishing featured Kenyon Dixon when he was introduced as one of Voltron Entertainment’s inspiring upcoming artist. On November 16th “GetaGetten” had an opportunity to vibe with Kenyon once again to learn of his progress of success and his future plans.   Kenyon is 26 years old and has made a noteworthy mark on the music scene as an artist, songwriter and producer.


Kenyon Dixon artist, songwriter and producer. Photo Credit: Tyshon Lowe

He grew up surrounded by music with his father being a vocalist/guitarist and his mother, brother and sister also being vocalist and his singing in church.  He laughed about how he practically lived in church, with his mother being a dedicated member.  There were times when his homework was completed in the back of the church, while his mother attended Church Board meetings and other events.   Born in Los Angles, California and raised in Watts, Jordan Downs Projects he was exposed to the drug scene and gang violence but, with a better vision for himself Kenyon was able to see beyond his surroundings and started participating in varies forms of dance such as hip hop and tap. This eventually evolved into an opportunity of traveling around the world dancing.

By senior year in high school Kenyon began his own dance workshop. With enough dance experience, he began venturing out into signing.  His first gig was with West Coast rapper, DJ Quick.  This led to touring and working as a backup singer with artist such as, Nick Jonas, Faith Evans, Kelly Rowland, Miquel, John Legend, Pharrell and a host of others.  He shared his views regarding being a background singer.  For Kenyon it reaches further than making money.  “With such a great opportunity to travel the world, the holdback is, during the tour you meet and work with incredible people but once the tour ends you may never get a chance to see them again”.

He received his first song placement in “2011” entitled “What Took You So Long” on singer Tyrese’s Grammy nominated album, “Open Invitation”.  Tyrese took Kenyon under his wing and helped kick start his songwriting career which opened many doors of opportunity.  Kenyon’s second record “Circles” from the “Hollywood Highland Project” received such a great response it encouraged him to dive deeper into his art, it was at this point when he was featured on “GetaGetten”.  Kenyon then wrote the song “What Took You So Long” which received a Grammy nomination, this success led to him becoming involved with Tyrese’s “Black Rose” album, four of the songs featured on the album were written by him.  A second nomination resulted from a song he wrote on the “Three Kings Album”.  Currently he is in the process of writing for Brandy and Mary J. Blige.

The Student Becomes The Teacher

Being a student of life is the motivation for the quality of his music which is grounded on the basis of becoming a better person and continuously learning.  Kenyon conducts a Workshop “Master Class” which was founded with a fellow writer friend who worked on the Tyrese’s “Open Invitation” album.  Their preparation of planning for the workshop was constructed on their creative common interest, by complimenting each other.


Kenyon Dixon artist, songwriter and producer. Photo Credit: Tyshon Lowe

They played the role of student, teacher in order to develop the curriculum centered on each of their expertise.   They also drew from their experience of, lack of knowledge in order to be honest regarding expectations.  Currently “Thee Master Class” workshop is located in LA.  There are plans to expand across the Nation and to possibly create online courses.

Being musically driven inspires him to write from his life experiences.  Kenyon describes his music as rhythm and vibe and his formula first is to acknowledge that his song writing is a gift, which enables him to merge his ability to sing and write songs.  He places an emphasis on living life as a student of experiences he believes, he is following the plan meant for him.   He expresses himself as being in a great place in his life at this moment, because his progressive mindset is moving him forward.  His writing process starts by becoming familiar with the artist catalog Kenyon explained “you must be true to the artist signature sound” and he explains that, you must move yourself away from what you like and be progressive.  He doesn’t force himself to write he allows it to flow.  He said he would like to work with Drake, he admires him as artist and writer and because of her good vibes he would like to write a song for Beyonce.

Since “2013” to this present day, Kenyon has grown greatly.  He has strengthened the execution of his craft and most importantly he has taking control of his mental space with the capacity to focus on his future self.  He has grown into his own.  The advice he has received and holds onto during his song writing process has been; “be aware of not complicating the song”.  Near the conclusion of the interview he spoke about the challenge he was able to overcome from a spiritual level; “some people view their talent and decide what they believe they should be, every talent has its purpose”.  Before ending he shared his view on the rumor of R&B being dead; “it is not true, it is not popular at the moment but it must be supported by the R&B lovers”.

Kenyon is aware that he is the brand and from here, he plans to remain true to himself.

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