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Photo Credit: Thomas Springer of Feets McCoy Films

Photo Credit: Thomas Springer of Feets McCoy Films

Urban Republic; NovaCain, the level headed one & Dewey Da Don, the passionate one and CEO of “Loud Pack” exhibit a natural flow of balance that emphasis the strengths of each other perfectly. NovaCain explained; the two met while attending the same high school, their only contact at that time was passing each other in the halls, between class periods. Both worked at “Sonic”, earning the same $5.50 an hour and it was at this time they began to develop and nurture a friendship. NovaCain says; he was making music in a group that was not working out, Dewey Da Don on the other hand was hustling in the streets. Dewey became involved in a situation with NovaCain’s group of rappers who were in the process of creating a dis rap, targeted toward Dewey. Instead of becoming a part of a dis rap geared toward Dewey, NovaCain decided to take a chance on Dewey and, the two begin creating songs together. Instantly, they began to recognize how much their lives were parallel to each other. Both young men at some points in their lives would deal with the exact type of family problems and situations.

Photo Credit: Thomas Springer of Feets McCoy Films - NovaCain

Photo Credit: Thomas Springer of Feets McCoy Films – NovaCain

Dewey Da Don was chosen to attend Usher’s New Look Summer Camp, due to an incident which occurred during his senior year in high school, he was caught with an ounce of marijuana. Dewey’s reason for selling the marijuana was not based on a desperate situation or lack of intelligence, he explains that it was simply due to him, being exposed to the hustle and, drawing from the entrepreneur traits of his father while utilizing the intellectual traits of his mother. In school he also sold, his music cd’s, his clothing line and was the winner of several talent contests. Once this fact was discovered by his teachers, they nominated him as a candidate for Usher’s “New Look Camp”. Being a straight “A” student, competing with 500 other students and being selected from the final 2 began the process of Dewey being developed into the young man that we are now being introduced to. He explains; it was at “Camp New Look” where he was introduced to the concept of matching your passion with your professional track, which is not touched on in conventional education. He said; he honestly believed in the generational curses that states: “the life your father leads, will be your destiny also”.

In “2009” Dewey Da Don spoke before Congress during his second year as a “New Look” Mogul in Training, out of 150 students he was awarded the “Star Camper Award”. Within 2 years he was, highly active in his community, activated a successful voter’s drive and participated in a benefit concert for the devastating impact that the Myalgia epidemic, had throughout Africa. He was chosen to speak before Congress for the purpose of articulating the importance of continuing funding programs, such as “New Look” during a time when the Nation was experiencing an economic crisis.

Photo Credit: Thomas Springer of Feets McCoy Films - Dewey Da Don

Photo Credit: Thomas Springer of Feets McCoy Films – Dewey Da Don

Dewey da Don and NovaCain also, touched on the negativity that at times is projected onto Rap & Hip Hop music. They each agreed that; there is no secret that Hip Hop has the tendency to be viewed in a rather negative lite. Dewey candidly speaks regarding the rawness and realness of his music. He explains his music is based on the realness of his life and he vows to give 110% in all endeavors. Dewey doesn’t hide the fact that he came from the streets, his father was just released from prison after serving 10 years. This is where he learned to survive. Now he uses his music to channel the emotions and frustrations but as he explains, there are many different layers to this duo. Yes they may have come from the streets but, Dewey da Don and NovaCain clearly demonstrates a higher level of intelligence.

NovaCaine explains that the lyrics of their music to some may be interrupted as negative but, it is a “reflection of the realities from which they have experienced ” through their music they are speaking to those that live in these places and live through such situations, in order to change an environment you must understand it; Dewey takes it further, by honestly stating, it is rather hard to go into an community speaking of change or extending assistants if you, yourself do not have the ability to relate the people or their situations with understanding of the situational perceptive. The duo ended by sharing valuable advice to aspiring artist and anyone in pursuit of their dreams; “the most important portion that must be fulfilled is to partner with someone that brings balance to the team, when this is accomplished, from here the flow begins”.

Photo Credit: Thomas Springer of Feets McCoy Films - Urban Republic

Photo Credit: Thomas Springer of Feets McCoy Films – Urban Republic

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