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Photo Credit: Luc-Richard Photography

Photo Credit: Luc-Richard Photography

As an entrepreneur resident at Draper University and assistant to billionaire Tim Draper of the highly rated TV reality show  Startup U”, which airs on the ABC Family Network, Sequoia shares the life altering journey that pushed her to launch her own company, “7am”. She became ill in 2014, after teaching photography and working in the entertainment industry for 9 years as a commercial and music video director with young pop artist such as; Justin Bieber, K Michelle, Jacob Latimore and, a host of others. While being hospitalized and doctors working feverishly to diagnose her unknown illness, which according to her took a while to pinpoint, instead of becoming worried and downhearted Sequoia used the downtime to re-examine her life and, realized leaving a legacy was very important her. At this point, the course of her life began to change.

Sequoia B. explained that she had considered entrepreneurship before and, with a passion for assisting people to reach a higher level in their lives, she began studying successful leaders in the field of self-help such as Tony Robbins and Jim Bourbon. Being drawn to Draper University in Silicon Valley, she conducted research on Tim Draper, who is a 3rd generation venture capitalist and instantly decided that this was the path best, for her to pursue her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, Sequoia applied for acceptance to the University that year and received a partial scholarship.

According to Sequoia; the Draper University’s criteria is composed of innovative activities that combine undertakings, that resemble challenges presented to TV reality show contestants on shows such as; “Shark Tank”, “Survivor” and “Celebrity Apprentice” and, completely altered her perceptive. It also sparked the idea of the University to become an entrepreneurial reality TV show which airs its season finale, Thursday, October 15th. She stated; in contrast to the entertainment industry, the Silicon Valley mind set establishes a ecosystem that focuses on assisting an individual to achieve success and, in turn that individual assist another for success, they assist another, with the chain never being broken it creates a deal flow.

Sequoia’s company “7am” was launched, October, 2015 which focuses on personal development. What sets “7am” apart from other self-help companies is first, her ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life. Secondly, the company has gathered existing self-help companies and provides central manager services that will assist with addressing client questions, individually. Lastly, in addition to providing e-courses, accountability coaches have been equipped with technology that monitors those who have purchased products and provides individual guidance. If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur or have been an entrepreneur for a while, in search of someone that is knowledgeable of the entrepreneur blueprint, “7am” is where you need to be! And be sure to catch the season finale of, “Startup U” on the ABC Family Network October, 15th.

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