Album Black Rose - "Shame

Album Black Rose – “Shame

The making “Black Rose” was done in a house Tyrese rented in Arizona.  He gathered up 19 people, rented a bus and house that was set up as music camps, where they prayed together and ate together, it saved one of the members from suicide.  Men and women came for 34 days to the R&B boot camp, when the project was completed they had produced 146 records.  What makes the “Black Rose” album unique is each side reveals the different parts of the man.  The first side is “Black Rose Universe”, while the other side of Black Rose reveals “Black Tie” and from the album itself Tyrese has created a documentary.  Also, a short film set in “1969” where he plays a character that is a mixture of Ike Turner and Marvin Gaye, which stars Jennifer Hudson.  He didn’t stop there, from the album and movie, Tyrese has created his 3rd book, which will be an audio book featuring the instrumentals from the album.  Tyrese said “out of love for his fans, this Black Rose book is truthful and it was hard”.  Listen to the World premiere “Shame”