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"Dumb Shit"

“Dumb Shit”

On March 25, 2015 online magazines  and bloggers gathered on a conference call,  for an opportunity to interview model, motion picture actor, Grammy nominated R&B/Hip Hop singer, songwriter, author  sensation Tyrese Gibson.  With the release of his new single “Dumb Shit” featuring Snoop Dog from his new and final album “Black Rose” and his movie “Furious 7” opening April 3rd, the interview was granted for the love of his fans.   Anyone that spends time online knows, you can encounter Tyrese, be it by his inspiration quotes or inspiration videos that provide honest and, sometimes hard truths that encourage you to be your best self, while sharing his insights to success.  So naturally everyone wanted to know why he takes time out of his busy life to share advice and encouragement to his fans?

Some may believe the inspirational quotes and videos have been strictly for more likes on his Face Book and Instagram timelines but, Tyrese explained; his reasons behind the postings has to do with the “platform God has blessed him with”.  For him the clicks and likes represent 1.2 million hearts and souls that can be touched with love and motivation because, he wants his legacy to reflect the “God given stage” he was bless with and used to, motivate others.  Before going into the inspiration behind his “Black Rose” album Tyrese sent a message to his newly founded “Love Circle” that developed from his online video posting; “Forgive faster, hug longer, kiss slower, if an issue exist between family members and love ones pick the issues apart and resolve it because, it is “arrogant” to believe you have time to do it later.”

So where did the inspiration for the single “Dumb Shit” come from?  From Tyrese and his “Dumb Shit”!  He admitted he is simply human and, his “Dumb Shit” cost him a five year relationship with an angel he didn’t appreciate.  As a matter of fact the entire “Black Rose” album Tyrese explains; reveals a rather rough period in his life, it was the longest time he has ever taking to complete an album.  He admitted to feeling every emotion that was attached to, gaining 50/50 custody of his daughter and the ending of a five year relationship due to his “Dumb Shit”.  Want to see the “Dumb Shit” he was on?  Check out Tyrese’s behind the scenes, “Dumb Shit”.

Tyrese “Dumb Shit” Behind the Scene

The making “Black Rose” was done in a house Tyrese rented in Arizona.  He gathered up 19 people, rented a bus and house that was set up as music camps, where they prayed together and ate together, it saved one of the members from suicide.  Men and women came for 34 days to the R&B boot camp, when the project was completed they had produced 146 records.  What makes the “Black Rose” album unique is each side reveals the different parts of the man.  The first side is “Black Rose Universe”, while the other side of Black Rose reveals “Black Tie” and from the album itself Tyrese has created a documentary.  Also, a short film set in “1969” where he plays a character that is a mixture of Ike Turner and Marvin Gaye, which stars Jennifer Hudson.  He didn’t stop there, from the album and movie, Tyrese has created his 3rd book, which will be an audio book featuring the instrumentals from the album.  Tyrese said “out of love for his fans, this Black Rose book is truthful and it was hard”.  Check out the complete “Dumb Shit” video featuring Snoop Dog, pay attention to the ending it’s a Tribute to “Baby Boy”, with Chuck Brown. Tate was the only original cast member missing from the shoot.

Tyrese feat. Snoop Dogg “DUMB SHIT” Official Music Video from Voltron Filmz on Vimeo.

Furious 7, according to Tyrese was, his most challenging movie, he knew Paul for 14 years before making a movie with him. He spoke of “Paul Walker was an angel, that treated everyone the same, a genuine soul, he was looking forward to the movie ending so he could go back to his normal life.” The finishing of the movie was fully supported by Paul’s mother and father. The studio donated $1 million dollars to a charity in his honor and Paul’s brother, completed his part in the movie. He described it as an emotional celebration, it was through prays and faith in God that pulled them through as a family, it helped us to complete the movie and, on April 3rd there will be a beautiful tribute to Paul. Tyrese mentioned; many will be surprised of how much, of Paul’s presents is in the movie. He feels the cast left the best diamond in the movie. Making of another Furious 7 movie at this time is not known. Be sure to check out the Furious 7 trailer.

Tyrese also believes in giving back, he has created a charity foundation with…Elaine Wen Communities and School (CIS), the focus of the foundation is to decrease the dropout rate by sending out foundation members to high school campuses, to work with the teachers. The organization was formed based on the online “Love Circle”. He pointed out that “there are many ways to impact our Nation, to make a difference, at the moment he is extending the “Love Circle” to his fans”. “Given back does not always include money, people seems to fail to realize the power of conversation, given bold, raw inspiration by making videos, just by giving insight and inspiration.” “The power of conversation has been lost.” He challenged everyone on the call, to speak with at least 5 people to inspire them.

"Black Rose"

“Black Rose”

He also touched on his visit to Dubai. “Dubai energy, never have I felt such high levels of hospitality, although the people live very richly, they openly embrace you into their homes.” Tyrese mentioned possible future dealings may be in store with Duabi.
Tyrese says ““I feel bold”, because God has sent me visions and ideas and I’m trying to mode this visions.” “You must be bold.” He prides himself on being a finisher, he claims of becoming a billionaire within the next 5 years and plans on using his wealth to create more of his visions and ideas. The artists Tyrese admire, are 2Pac, Marvin Gaye and Donnie Hathaway, he thanked them for their sincerity. “Music now has no heartbeat it has nothing that touches the soul.” He said; Kendrick Larmar’s new album, he loves it. Staying true to sharing his advice he said; “the worst thing not to realize is when you have reached your peak.”

“Dumb Shit”

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