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Nemoi Trex (PRNewsFoto/Nemoi Trex)

Nemoi Trex (PRNewsFoto/Nemoi Trex)

CHICAGO, June 9, 2014 — Independent music artist and DJ Nemoi Trex is set to make a big splash in the world of house music with the official launch of his website and promotional video. On July 4, Trex will release his long-awaited debut single, “The Kissful Bliss.”

Exemplifying his signature dance music sound, “The Kissful Bliss” will be available for digital download at nemoitrex.com, cdbaby, as well as all major online music retailers. Anyone who joins the Nemoi Trex mailing list will receive the promo track “Nemoi Trex” with video as a free download. The mailing list is a useful feature for fans and music journalists alike: the artist plans to share the most essential information on video contests, upcoming performances, promotional offers, and so on.

Nemoi Trex Logo (PRNewsFoto/Nemoi Trex)

Nemoi Trex Logo (PRNewsFoto/Nemoi Trex)

The stage name Nemoi Trex was trademarked as of November 2013. Since that time, the artist has been working furiously to prepare for the upcoming launch and marketing campaign. As an independent musician, Trex has ownership of every step of production, from writing and recording to all the associated support roles.

Music industry peers have high praise for the sound of Nemoi Trex, calling his lyrics “deep” and his beats “smooth and vivid.” “Music is a collective journey of the heart and mind,” explained Trex, “and my mission is to energize my fans – ‘BodyJackerz,’ as I like to call them – and get them on the dance floor.” Tyree Wilson, the artist behind the name Nemoi Trex, is no stranger to the music scene. Last year, he performed with Uncle Butchies Live House on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Trex has also released DJ sets on Mixcloud at http://www.mixcloud.com/nemoitrex/. Soon, he’ll be making more sets available on YouTube, complete with visualizations.

Nemoi Trex won’t be slowing down after the release of “The Kissful Bliss”; in the near future, he plans to roll out a merchandising campaign featuring his branding and logo. Creative objectives include collaborating with other artists and becoming more involved in acting.

About Nemoi Trex

Nemoi Trex, CEO of Binjamind Productions, is a solo songwriter, composer and performer who has crossed over as a DJ in the House Music and Tech-House genres respectively. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, the birthplace of House Music and, therefore, is as deeply rooted in this globally popular party style of music as it is rooted in him.

Tyree Wilson, the mastermind behind Nemoi Trex, was cast as an extra in Vegas Vampires (2007). He performed original material as Mindbender at the New York Music Festival at the Brenden Theaters in Las Vegas in 2002. As a member (Halo) of the Gospel Hip Hop group, The Mic Disciples, Wilson toured and performed across the country.

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